Further concessionary prices agreed for March

The Department of Health and National Assembly for Wales have agreed further concessionary prices for the following items for March 2017 prescriptions.
capsules (24)
powder for solution for injection ampoules (5)
tablets (28)

Initial concessionary prices were announced earlier this month, and updated last week.

Are you surprised by any of these drug prices?

ajaz akhtar, Student

STOP MOANING..,it's like u gonna go bankrupt by making a loss on one item. ! 

Chandra Nathwani, Community pharmacist

A concession price of £15.00/28 has been announced for Ropinirole 2mg tablets on the last possible day of March. I had a script around middle of March and had to pay around £22.00/28 after trying both main line and short line wholesalers and had to buy it at £22.00 the cheapest available then, for a script. I did report it twice to the PSNC through the website but I am dissapointed that on the last day of the month a price of £15.00 has been set causing a loss of £7 per pack (needed 3 packs!!). Even today none of our suppliers have £15.00 as a list price. I think it should  be possible that the PSNC/DOH can inform us where to get the item for at that price when the concession is granted, after all not every pharmacy would be equipped to shop around for "cheapest" price when the patient need is urgent. Also I believe that the concession price should be automatically "DNG" because further discounts are not usually available on products in short supply. Some items on the list have been on concession for months!

ajaz akhtar, Student

Think of it as a loss leader. You can't win em all. Don't loose zzzzz over it...life's too short Chandra 

Chandra Nathwani, Community pharmacist

I agree with you I shouldn't loose sleep over the loss, neither do I have the intention to do so. And my comment was not to moan about my loss but to contribute to the debate on the system of granting concessions for the same products month after month.

How can a product on Friday 31st March be more expensive than on Monday 3rd April? What is likely to happen over the weekend that has not happened for the last few months this product has been on concession? (No jokes about 1st April, please!) and why are the concession prices not automatically DNG?

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