Pharmacists shift political allegiances ahead of election


More than a quarter of pharmacists said they will vote Liberal Democrat on June 8
More than a quarter of pharmacists said they will vote Liberal Democrat on June 8
Pharmacists' support for the Conservative party has fallen since the last general election, a C+D poll has suggested.

Of the 142 pharmacists polled who are voting for one of the larger British political parties, 35% are planning to vote for the Conservatives in the upcoming election on June 8 – a 10 percentage point drop from 2015, when nearly half of C+D readers pledged their support to the party.

Meanwhile, support for the Liberal Democrats has noticeably risen. In the latest poll – which ran from April 19-27 – 29% said they would vote Liberal Democrat. This is a dramatic rise from 2015, when only 6% of readers said they would support them.

Labour's popularity also sits at 29% – unchanged from 2015 levels. In contrast, support for UKIP noticeably declined, from 13% to 3%.

See the full results below:


Unlike in 2015, C+D's election poll this year also gave readers the option to select the Democratic Unionist Party, the Social Democratic and Labour Party, the Ulster Unionist Party, Sinn Féin, or "don't know". Of the 172 pharmacists who voted in the poll in total, 1% of pharmacists voted for each of these first two options, while 16% voted "don't know".

Lid Dem leader visits NPA

While on the campaign trail, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron paid the NPA a visit at its St Albans headquarters yesterday (April 26).

NPA head of communications Stephen Fishwick said the organisation was “delighted” to welcome the party leader (pictured above middle, with NPA chairman Ian Strachan and Liberal Democrat candidate for St Albans Daisy Cooper) to its offices to explain that “pharmacies can be a solution to many long-standing healthcare challenges”.

“It’s important that all political parties understand what community pharmacy is about,” Mr Fishwick said.

How will you vote in the general election?

Simon MEDLEY, Community pharmacist

still some fools out there who believe the torys care about  small to medium business ....  or the health service

NIRMAL BAJARIA, Superintendent Pharmacist

You can't trust any party. Would bring me some consolation if Jeremy Hunt is kicked out. 


lucas perez, Student

For those that are voting labour.....they want to give nurses a payrise....every 1% rise will cost £500 milliontax do the to keep the status quo, you need billions pumped into the NHS....the system is flawed....

lucas perez, Student

whoever is voted in, pharmacy won't be priority..for those that are thinking of voting lib have short memories.....they promised no tution fees and as soon as they came into government, they fell back on their promise...

Dave Downham, Manager

Come on, "Lucas", cheer us up on a Friday. Who would you suggest we vote for?

Gerry Diamond, Primary care pharmacist

Struggle to work out the best of the worst, have lost faith in politics.

Stephen Eggleston, Community pharmacist

Reminds me of something Bily Connolly once said - "anyone that wants to be in power should, by definition, be excluded from having it" and "don't vote for them - it only encourages them". Just saying ;)

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